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Information on Beach Wedding locations Melbourne and Victoria

When looking for beach wedding locations Melbourne is a great place to start. Or better still head out to the coast and see what Victorian beaches have to offer. Finding a nice beach wedding location is really up to you. Take a drive with your partner and find a spot that you both like. It needs to be a spot that is easy to find and easy to get to. Keep in mind your elderly guests will find it hard to walk over rocks and down large flights of stairs. Long walks along the beach and sand dunes can also make it difficult.

A Beach Wedding Hint– The middle of the Summer holiday season will be busy at the beach. Hot days and popular tourist spots can also be tricky. Finding a spare bit of sand can be difficult. You could be sharing your wedding with hundreds of other beach goers! make sure you keep all this in mind before you make your final decision.

Beach wedding locations Melbourne victoria Beach wedding ceremony, Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula

Are you dreaming of a tropical beach wedding?

You’re not alone! When most people think of the perfect beach wedding location, they think of exotic and far away places. You don’t need to go that far or spend that much money. In Victoria we have the most gorgeous beaches right here on our own door step. Take some time to see all the beautiful beach wedding locations Melbourne has to offer. Once you have found your perfect beach location we can come and set up all your ceremony hire items for you.

beach wedding locations in melbourne torquay victoria Beach Wedding Ceremony, Whites Beach in Torquay

You will need a Wedding Ceremony Permit at most beach wedding locations Melbourne and Victoria….

In order to hold your Beach wedding ceremony in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria you will need to get permission from the relevant authorities. The best place to start is to ring the local council, In most cases they can help you, if not they will be able to tell you who controls the wedding permits for that area. Parks Victoria is also responsible for issuing wedding permits on piers, for some gardens and a lot of the open back beaches. Applying for a Wedding Ceremony Permit is not as hard as it sounds. It usually involves filling in some forms and registering your event details. The fee for your Wedding Ceremony Permit varies depending on which council or committee you are dealing with.

Melbourne Wedding ceremony on the beach Wedding ceremony on the Bluff in Barwon Heads

Choosing a starting time for your beach wedding……

Its really up to you what time of the day you want to have your beach wedding. We would recommend early in the day when the sun is not so hot or later in the afternoon when the sun is starting to go down a little. There will probably be less people on the beach at these times and it would be more comfortable if it is a hot day. Remember to take into consideration day light savings time. You will need to leave enough time for your wedding photos after your ceremony. This is something your photographer can best recomend.

Beach wedding gippsland

Wedding Ceremony set up at Red Rocks, Phillip Island

Weather for beach wedding locations Melbourne and Victoria

While we all dream of our beach wedding being in the glorious sunshine at 24 degrees with not a breath of wind, unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. So have a back up plan in case of bad weather, whether it’s analternate spot, a venue close by or even your reception centre. It’s a good idea to outline your back up plan to your guests, so they know the drill if the weather turns nasty. In the case that this does happen we will do our best to setup your wedding decorations at your plan B location. Not that our weather can ever be predicted !!

Here is a useful link about Victoria’s climate that may help you plan your beach wedding. Victorian climate data on line:

Beach wedding locations Melbourne, Brighton Beach Beach Wedding ceremony set up, Brighton Beach Melbourne

 Dont forget to Check the tide for your beach wedding!

Remember to check what the tide will be doing for your wedding ceremony on the beach. There would be nothing worse than being wiped out by a wave right in the middle of your vows! Its always best to visit your beach site in both low and high tide. Once you know the tides you can get a true idea on the best place for your wedding ceremony. Here is a useful link about tide predictions for beach wedding locations Melbourne and Victoria

Beach wedding locations Melbourne. Mount Martha Mount Martha Beach Wedding, Mornington Peninsula

Having your wedding ceremony on the beach is so romantic. The sound of the surf, the texture of the sand and the view of the water all combine to make a wedding ceremony that will stay in your memory (and your guests) for a lifetime. Let us help you achieve your dream beach wedding ceremony. We deliver and set up ceremonies at beach wedding locations Melbourne and all over Victoria. Our service areas also include

  • Beach wedding locations in Geelong and surrounds
  • Beach wedding locations on The Mornington Peninsula
  • Beach wedding locations on The Surf Coast, and Torquay,
  • Beach wedding locations in Gippsland, inverloch and Phillip Island
  • Beach wedding locations on the Bellarine peninsula and Barwon Heads

We are located in Hallam for DIY pick ups.

Please contact us for delivery and set up prices for beach wedding locations Melbourne and Victoria.